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Corum Replica decided to create a watch capable of withstanding such forces. The RM038 “Bubba Watson” was born: a limited edition of 38 watches. Corum Replica drew on his experience in developing the RM009 watch and the RM027 watch to create the RM038 case. The watches' cases were designed for different purposes. The RM009 was designed to be made of a lightweight metal that could withstand direct impact if needed (but hopefully not). The casing for the RM027 had to be lighter than the RM009, but the impact properties of the case were not as severe as they were for the RM009. Corum Replica used a different metal alloy for the RM038 that was esoteric and allowed Corum Replica to explore other properties in case manufacturing.

Magnesium-lithium alloy is "cast alloy", which made it easier to work with, as the tonneau-shaped basic parts could be cast into the iconic Corum Replica Corum Replica shape and then machined. Magnesium alloys are hexagonal lattice structures, and this affects their fundamental properties. Many modern cars use cast magnesium alloys, and some high-performance cars have used magnesium block engines. The WE54 designation (the case material of the RM038) is a magnesium-based alloy that contains 89 percent Magnesium and 6 percent Yttrium, as well as 5 percent rare

The white colouring of the casing is a result of a coating made by electro-plasma treatment, called Miarox(R). This ceramic has a high proportion resistant composites like MgAl Spinels. This process may sound very advanced and technical, but it has practical applications. It improved the alloy's hardness and scratch-resistance: its wear resistance as well as corrosion resistance. MgAl Spinel is another way to say that the atomic pattern of the coating has a regular hexagonal structure. The material bonding is extremely strong and durable when it has a hexagonal pattern. This may seem like marketing speak, but it is a real application. A very durable and tough coating that becomes a part of the metal.

The coating had two purposes for the RM038. The coating first gave the watch an attractive look. The cases of Corum Replica Corum Replica watches were usually made from dark-coloured materials, such as titanium, black, or gray alloys or composites. In order to create a golf watch that is distinctive, and that matches the colorful clothing of golfers,Oris Replica Watches it was decided to make a different sports watch. The coating is also biocompatible and highly scratch-resistant, making it hypoallergenic and non-metallic. It is comfortable to wear because the material does not retain moisture. The coating was perfect for a sportswatch.

Corum Replica drew inspiration from the latest developments in auto engineering for many of his innovations. This type of finish (Miarox), which is self-lubricating, is usually found on the exterior of engine pistons to reduce friction. The Miarox finish is used in everyday household items such as irons, which are the undersides of irons that come into contact with clothing.