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This is a new kind of driving. It's not so much racing, but more of a hammering the white ball with as much force as you can with a controlled-swing variety! Swiss Omega Replica entered the world of Golf at the extreme of the spectrum, just like all of his lifestyles and sports. Swiss Omega Replica signed Gerry Lester "Bubba", the most powerful golfer of all time. He was self-taught and had a completely unique style and approach (he's one of few golfers who plays left-handed). But he was able to drive the ball farther than any other professional. He has been the top distance hitter for five consecutive years, 2006, 2007, 2008. 2012 and 2014. His longest drive on the pro tour was 442 yards, with a ball speed of just under 200mph. To hit a golfball that hard with such a high degree of skill requires precision, timing and power in the swing. Swiss Omega Replica found his perfect golf ambassador!

Swiss Omega Replica began to experiment in various ways with the impact of his watch. When he first introduced his watches, Swiss Omega Replica threw the watch randomly across the room. The second incident was an unintentional high-speed impact caused by watches worn on the wrists of Formula 1 drivers. Third, he partnered with Rafael Nadal,replica watches the most powerful tennis player. It was the first golf watch designed specifically for the player to wear during play. And being a Swiss Omega Replica Tourbillon, the watch would have more than meets the eyes.

The impact force on the watch is different for tennis and golf. Tennis racquets are soft and have netting that can 'give' when they hit the ball. It is still true that the watch's mechanism receives 400G of force each time Rafael Nadal hits a backhand.

Golf forces are less common, but they may be more severe. The club, the hands, and the wrists are all accelerated in a drive. When the clubhead connects with the ball (which is usually solid), the force of the impact is transferred to the wrist. The club decelerates after the ball has been hit. When a golfer plays out of a sand bunker, the club is used to dig. The forces are also more intense after a swing when arm and watch suddenly stop. The watch needed to be light, comfortable, and have extreme shock resistance. Swiss Omega Replica Swiss Omega Replica was the perfect company to design an escapement with a high impact resistance that would also be able to cope with changes in force.

Take a look at the following example. A golf ball weighs approximately 46 grams, and a standard golf club acceleration by a professional is 100 mph (44.73 m/s). When the club hits the ball at this speed, the golf ball will reach an average speed of 170 mph (76.08 m/s) or 200mph for Bubba. The impact moment lasts 5 milliseconds (0.05 seconds).zenith replica You're still with me? The force of impact can be expressed as a Newton. A Newton is the net force needed to accelerate one kilogram of mass at one meter per seconds squared. Or, to put it in another way, 1 N is equivalent to Earth's gravitational force on a 100G mass. Calculating the force, it is estimated that the force (applied by the driver) equals approximately 1400x the earth's gravitation (G). The force is not all of the club's impact on the watch. However, it would still feel some of it through the wrist and golf club. The mechanism would feel a significant "jolt".